Gaza in Context

“During the devastating offensive, news media repeatedly framed the issue as Israel’s fight against a marauding Muslim mob driven by religious hatred. Gaza seemed to float outside of history. But understanding these systematic offensives means understanding where Gaza fits in the larger question of Palestine.”

Mondoweiss:‘Gaza in Context’ says (the) root of (this) conflict is quest for Palestinian land, without Palestinians

The Icelandic revolution

According to Iceland Monitor: “The Pirates have topped polls for almost seven months now in Iceland.” It’s kind of envy-inducing to see a country somewhere in the world where a population is massively formed of informed people who actually engage with policy. What it means is Icelandic Digital Rights Activist and Pirate Party Parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir could be her country’s next prime minister.

For a taste, check out Democracy in the Digital era & the Threat to Privacy & Individual Freedoms (PDF), a resolution sponsored by Jonsdottirand Parliamentarian Birgitta  and South Korean MP, Ha Jin Jhun, at the Inter-parliamentary Union’s General Assembly in Geneva the day before yesterday.


Trackography: You never read alone

Have you ever wondered who is watching while you are reading your favourite media online? Whether we are reading the Guardian, the New York Times, the Hindu or any other news website, third party trackers are collecting data about our online behaviour. This lecture will present Tactical Tech’s new project, Trackography, which shows that we are all part of a global tracking business.

The cost of a privatised Christmas

Today’s post is simply being donated to We Own It Dot Org Dot UK. Head there this New Year’s Day and sign the petition. Or try to educate me on how higher fares, dodgy service and worse staffing is good for rail commuters in the UK, since that’s what we’ve got since privatisation kicked off.

There’s apparently a protest on at Kings Cross and elsewhere over this year’s annual rail price increase, though scant news about it. Here’s what it’s about.

The Crisis of Civilization

The entire documentary, The Crisis of Civilization,  was added to Youtube in March, 2012. It’s based on the Book by Nafeez Ahmed.  The film explores the links between energy scarcity; peak food supply; economic instability; emerging terrorist threats and the trend toward militarism and away from democratic systems by governments internationally. I’d argue that all these topics are enveloped in the issue of the amount of humans walking around. Regardless, the film’s a good diagnosis of things.