Open source software developers released the exploit of an attack method used by unknown hackers. This one is similar to the FBI’s exploit, about which the judge blocked information. The FBI isn’t going to be the only party who would know about their exploit. So, is it better kept in the hands of people who can use it for whatever purpose? Or, are we all better off having these security flaws published so that software developers can fix them to keep users secure, and users can know when they may be at risk? Which decision keeps more people safe? Who really has your back?

13 years on…


Today marks the thirteenth anniversary since the passing of fellow ISM activist Rachel Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003). Rachel was tragically crushed to death under the front blade of an Israeli military, American funded, Caterpillar D9R bulldozer near Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Rachel died whilst placing herself in the path of the military bulldozer to protect the family and their home that the bulldozer was on route for and due to be demolished. Rachel’s death created a global outcry towards the Israeli military’s actions and prompted an international investigation under the contested circumstances in which she died during the height of the second intifada.


For many, there’s no going back; for others, there’s no place to go

Below is a short list of organisations that provide immediate and practical support for Syrian refugees, both external and internal (See The Independent for a big list). There isn’t a refugee issue, an asylum issue, or even a Syrian issue. There’s a human issue.

The Refugee Council
UK organisation that assists refugees and asylum seekers access a number of services in UK, and also engages in policy research and advocacy. Hyper-loclly, here’s the Lewisham Refugee Network.

Refugee Action
Supports refugees who have reached the UK.

Hummingbird Project
regularly visits migrant camps in Calais with nurses, legal aid and food.

CalAid, The WorldWideTribe
Also supports displaced people in Calais refugee camps.

Flüchtlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome)
A German initiative to support Syrian refugees by matching them with people who have extra space in their homes to share.

Ingen människa är illegal (no one is illegal)
Is a refugee support organisation in Sweden, supporting Syrians (among others) who’ve made it there.

Migration Aid
Aiding Syrian refugees who’ve reached Hungary.

The White Helmets
This is a direct, emergency and medical aid organisation assisting Syrians in the country.

The People’s Defense Units
I’m not saying… I’m just saying.

March 16th

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“Rachel’s case provides yet another example of how the Israeli justice system is failing to provide accountability. We urge the international community, and not least the U.S. government, to stand with victims of human rights violations and against impunity, and to uphold fundamental tenants of international justice.”

 Rachel Corrie’s family, in a statement following the Israeli Supreme Court’s dismissal of the appeal in the wrongful death case