Facebook’s Syrian media problem

Facebook wants billions of people to flock to its website every day to find out about the things they care about, but really only if those things fit in a fairly narrow set of parameters of acceptability to white western type people. Last week it deleted an Arabic language news site’s page that had over 2 million Syrian followers because it posted a news item that was allegedly beyond the site’s tolerance. In essence: independent Syrian news media can’t do its job. I’ve already brought this up with a few people inside the company and reported it vial the Online Censorship watchdog site. But instead of just complaining about it, I think I’ve come up with a very Facebook-type solution. And so, I posted it on Facebook…

A social media shit storm

Today’s inane rant was written over on Tumblr, so I’m linking to it instead of spamming it on the site. The short form: I enjoy watching a social media train wreck, and this one is like the Streisand Effect x 3. READ IT HERE.

What happens when a film actress shills for a company operating in an illegal Israeli settlement in between speaking on behalf of Oxfam? Let’s find out. Or just check out #sodastream.