Incitement loses its meaning

“Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule. Throwing stones is an action as well as a metaphor of resistance. Persecution of stone-throwers, including 8-year-old children, is an inseparable part—though it’s not always spelled out—of the job requirements of the foreign ruler, no less than shooting, torture, land theft, restrictions on movement, and the unequal distribution of water sources.” Amira Hass wrote this in the Israeli Haaratz op-ed and has now been accused of incitement by by the Council of Settlements in the West Bank.

A Palestinian  hurls a stone at Israeli soldiers
A Palestinian demonstrator hurls a stone at Israeli soldiers during clashes after the weekly Friday prayers in the village of Beit Omar village near the West Bank town of Hebron, 16 February 2007. (Flickr image by crazymaq)

Inciting who? The kids who throw stones? They only need to look out the window and see what the settlements, occupation patrols and their own diminishing prospects present. That’s incitement enough. It’s doubtful that they need a daily Israeli newspaper column to give them the extra verve to lob a stone at an invading force.  To me, this is more inciting, in that respect.

I hate it when words are rendered useless through poor usage. Let’s reclaim incitement.

You know who’s more inciting? Barbara Boxer. She’s signed her name to AIPAC ghost-written legislation that promotes racist treatment of American citizens, her constituents, who may travel to Israel. The U.S. makes reciprocal agreements with countries to waive visa requirements for entry. One of the requirements is that the other country must also allow entry of American citizens without a visa. Barbara is inciting racist action.

In order for the US to permit citizens of a foreign country to enter the US without a visa, that country must agree to certain conditions. Chief among them is reciprocity: that country must allow Americans to enter without a visa as well. Except this one would give Israel a pass, and the right to exclude selected Americans from this visa-free right of entrance. Enter the right for religious, racial and ethnic targeting. It’s incitement.

Incitement comes from the American registered charities that fund illegal settlements in the West Bank listed here. You can find out more about them here. Check them out some more here.  Don’t forget this.

A few rocks against the billions the U.S. throws back is nothing. Amira Hass has nothing on AIPAC when it comes to incitement.

By the by, AIPAC will be in Cincinnati next week for a fundraiser.

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