I’m a London-based digital security trainer, web technologist, occasional writer/commentator and sometimes even an activist on topics around digital security practices, privacy and anonymity rights issues and digital related policy. If you’ve got interesting things going on, feel free to contact me via a secure channel for any of the following listed below:

Digital security training and support

  • Training to adopt stronger privacy or identity protection methods and tools for high-risk teams or projects;
  • On-site information security review, consultation and support for improving practices and infrastructure;
  • Consulting and support in securely receiving, sending and/or storing sensitive information in high-risk projects;
  • Consulting and assistance in identity protection for sources or potentially; sensitive contacts;
  • Assistance in carrying out digital risk assessments, threat modeling exercises and preparation for an upcoming or existing area of work or project;
  • Leading workshops, doing lectures or Q&A sessions for classes, conferences or professional training sessions;
  • Connecting you or your organisation with qualified digital security professionals with deep knowledge and experience in your specific areas of need (organisational security assessments, ethical hacking, malware investigation, etc.).

Web development and support

  • Creating or improving digital development strategy, workflow;
  • Recruiting the best digital professional for your organisation or project;
  • Reviewing, drafting, improving your existing documentation and policies on digital for terms of service, data protection, data retention, etc.;
  • Identifying the correct open source solutions for your project;
  • Training in better social web and authentic SEO practices;
  • Sourcing and recruiting talented coders, designers, content creators, programmers and other specialists for your project or team;
  • Website/application security and usability auditing and improvement recommendations.

Writing and comment

  • Article or opinion writing on technology, information security practices, policy developments around technology and human rights and other related areas;
  • Quotes, blurbs, Q & A sessions for your or your news outlet’s coverage on information security, digital privacy or anonymity issues, trends, and policy developments in the realm or online safety, mass surveillance, and similar areas of interest;
  • Resource writing and research on digital security best practices and procedures.
  • Writing or feedback and improvement on standard operating procedures, internal policy documents or governance on issues of secure communication, handling confidential digital assets and in the use of your organisation’s hardware, software, online services or network infrastructure;
  • Taking part in panelist discussions or speaking on digital security related practices, trends, technologies or policy.

Journalist or information activism support*

Interesting contexts here include: exposing human rights abuses and violations,  environmental issues, corporate or government corruption, exposing large scale criminal activity.

  • Working on projects that deal with sending, receiving, storing or working with confidential information for a journalistic or information activist projects;
  • Assisting with group secure communication practices and technology training and set up;
  • Participating in information analysis and organising;
  • Supporting secure and/or anonymous publication online;
  • Supporting anonymous sources more safely distribute or transmit information to journalists or activists;
  • Supporting secure channels between sources and journalists/activists.

*Based on my availability and abilities. I’ll let you know fairly quickly if it’s something I can help you with or not, or if I know someone who can.