10 years ago today Rachel Corrie was killed opposing Israel’s occupation

On March 16th, 2003, I was working on the copy desk at the Olympian, a daily newspaper in Olympia, Washington, when news came across the wire that a local woman was killed in Gaza. In an instant the global was localised, American foreign policy and weapons trade had immediate impact.

Since that time, I’ve met a number of people whose lives have been re-organised by this issues. Some of them had no choice in the matter: They live in Palestine, or Israel. Others had little choice in the matter: They were related to Rachel, or others like Tom Hurndall, or went to the place for one reason or another and didn’t come back the same for their experiences. Then there are those who seem to have absolute choice, but looked at the situation placed in front of them and chose to work toward an alternative to the status quo. Theree’s no dout in my mind that the work of these people have helped bring the cause, and even word, ‘Palestine’ seep into international public consiousness. People who say you can’t do anything about something bigger than yourself seldom take the time to step outside of themselves. That’s a small world to confine yourself in. I think Rachel showed a lot of people how to live outside of that.