Obligatory new year post: 2015 edition

Happy New Year, and welcome to the new edition of the same ol’e blog. This version is going to be designed as we go along through the year, so should look fairly monstrous around the close of 2015. Lots of rotating text (it’s coming back!). Hosting has been moved to free-speech haven Iceland, and in due time https will be back later this year, and with it more interactive things. The main thrust of the site continues: experiments in technology for hacking, leaking, privacy, anonymity and the usual various curio.

This blog’s being published on the 30th anniversary of UK’s first mobile phone call. These are the main devices behind the centralization of all our personal data in the “cloud.” Yours may be on Google or Apple Servers or possibly Microsoft. Perhaps you have bits and bobs shuffled on DropBox or Mega, or SpiderOak if you’re feeling exotic (though, probably not).

Make some digital resolutions: Encrypt and decentralize: Consider OwnCloud for some data solutions. Share images on sites with privacy policies you can understand. Create local internets. Take your site’s user traffic data out of Google. Syndicate banned services. Support improvement of good tools. Encrypt your site traffic using a standard that makes sense. Move your site to a jurisdiction that respects free speech and privacy. Share things that Powers That Be would wish you’d ignore. Create things that encrypt your online doings. Support good policy.

Image: “Pirat” by Yohos

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