Digital seppuku

I’ve been deleting accounts on various sites and services for a little while, after noticing one day that I had so many of them, and a lot of them doing very little for me. I’ve recently decided to blog it, for no particular reason, except maybe to remember I used them at some point if I ever come across them again and think, “huh, maybe I should try that.” Where have I killed accounts; a new log…

20 March, 2018

Deleted: Tumblr, Google+ (the mostly forgotten social network), Pinterest, and Pocket.

21 March, 2018

Deleted: Cyfe,, Craigslist,, Hulu,

Note: You can only delete your account by sending them an email.

Note: Re-checked that Bluehost account (deleted in 2015) is actually still not deleted, and is still displaying content that should be removed. Company has no obvious workflow to address this.

Note: Activated the ‘deletion upon death’ option for Facebook.

When it’s over, it’s over.

26 March, 2018

Deactivated Facebook. This is not “deleted Facebook” as there’s still an account and archived profile data. Letting it sit. Will either reactivate or just delete later this year, depending on stuff. Mulling Instagram and WhatsApp, my only other two Facebook presences.

20 April, 2018

Deactivated, and the account cannot be deleted: has no account deletion option. Deactivating the account actually requires going through an ownership verification process that isn’t well described, and even then, when trying to unlink social accounts, I got error messages, and the accounts remained. In short: Wen through the deactivation workflow in but I have no idea what that means in terms of actual account status.

Deactivated and data wiped BlockTogether: Deactivated and deconstructed BlockTogether by removing lists, unticking all settings and then removing access from Twitter Apps. Technically, you don’t have anything there after that, but there should be a simple ‘delete’ button that could remove all your stuff in one go.

Deleted:,, (14-day process),

23 April, 2018

Deleted: account closed, and scheduled by service for deletion. This is a fairly significant one as far as account curation and management goes, but the contact spam was a menace, and tightening the screws on privacy has a negative consequence on LinkedIn since it’s designed to be far more useful when you’re more loose with your contacts and own data. Message: “Your LinkedIn account is now closed. Although you no longer have access to it, it’ll take a few weeks for your public profile to disappear from search engines,” is fairly bland and not entirely satisfying. So basically, I’ve locked myself out but LinkedIn can take it’s own sweet (and unknown amount of) time to actually remove it.

1 May, 2018

 Deleted:, (service was end-of-life, anyhow),

5 July 2018

Deleted:,,,, Yahoo/Flickr,,

7 July, 2018


8 August, 2018

Deleted: A bit sad a bout this one, but was migrating to a new PGP key, and Keybase has no migrating process. You torpedo everything and start over. Too much effort for me, and a service that doesn’t include PGP key migration is not sustainable. Plus, I was always creeped out by its (optional) private key handling, which I never used, but didn’t even like that it existed.

Note: Re-created an account here on a Keybase generated key, so I can still use it for communications and file sharing without dealing with key migration issues.