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Money talks. Help me tell it to shut the hell up and give Democracy a turn in Washington, DC, by signing the American Anti-Corruption Act. I have this page that you can sign, and if I get 50 people to do it then the website tells me that I got 50 people to do it. Then it will probably do something like tell me to get more. Yeah, not a huge prize, really. Not a coffee mug. But I support the idea behind this one enough to engage in a little point-n-click activsta time wasting. My problem with the page is that there isn’t enough swearing in it. It’s trying really hard to be positive, but it really needs to be angry. Pissed off. Fucking raging! So I’m going to use that page, but add some swearing.

I live in the UK, but I still vote in Washington State. My driver’s license is expired there, and I don’t have one here yet, so I’m riding my bike around London, and the news still reminds me to be pissed off at American politics. It’s exhausting, you know! To be peddling up the hill to my place, huffing and wheezing and thinking about corrupt, bought out political processes across the Atlantic. That’s time zones away! The Represent.Us has a plan to stop lobbyists from bribing politicians, end secret election money and put voters back in control of elections. The country is run by lbig oil, pharmaceuticals, military contractors, labor unions, trial lawyers, insurance companies, food corporations, the NRA, AIPAC.

Where do I want to be? New Zealand. While the UK parliament eulogizes a war criminal and the U.S. Congress caves into NRA money on gun legislation and IBM money to destroy privacy with CISPA, over in Middle Earth the parliament made same-sex marriage legal (without caveats like this place’s Church of England clause, or crap similar to U.S. “states rights” bigotry) and then everyone broke into song. You can’t lobby people in the middle of traditional Maori chorus. It’s just not possible. There should be a singing clause in the act. That would be better. Every time the House passes something they must do a sea shanty. The Senate needs to do a full show tune.

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