2018 predictions in #InfoSec

Happy new year. Here’s my #InfoSec predictions for 2018*

  1. The “turn on 2FA + use a password Manager + update your operating system” benchmark will be deemed to be too hard.
  2. The ‘Protect our Spaces‘ petition will sit online, silently mocking those who signed it as they continue to show up at events that don’t actually live up to it.
  3. Blockchain whataboutery will shift to use cases for surveillance.
  4. Ransomware attacks… without the ransom?!?
  5. Something else will “threaten to destroy the internet” unless you sign a petition now. And then another. And another.

*Terms and conditions apply. All predictions made in under 5 minutes. All predictions were made with a cynical state of mind. Any predictions that come true will be lauded by the author across social media with the phrase, “called it.”