Welcome back to the struggle, newly liberated Democrat voters

It’s been a tough eight or so years for progressive causes in the U.S. As soon as Obama moved into the White House, it suddenly became difficult to find Democratic voters who would rock the boat in significant numbers on actual progressive issues, I guess because it would be seen as criticizing their own guy. Well, that’s done now.

Obama’s on the way out, and the Republicans have taken over the House, Senate and majority of governorships. This is fantastic. Far too long, the majority of Democrats and their organising groups such as MoveOn have been weak in the knees on issues like the economy, climate, foreign policy, mass surveillance and everything else that’s continued to go to seed regardless of which party is running things. These were issues we heard from Democrat voters all the time about when Republicans were in control, and as they take over again, we’ll be getting our allies back. Fantastic news!