Returning the serve

Photo by Hamdi Abu Rahmsa
In Palestine, a tennis racket can instantly become a tool for revolution. I know there’s controversy around the idea of whether protesters should kick the smoke bombs back, but I admire those who give as good as they get, none the less.

After taking a bit of time off, I’ve decided to serve up the ol’e blog once more. What you’ll find here (at least for a while) is less. Part creating a new site is in cleaning out the attic… or database… so to speak. I’ve emptied mine, given Google long enough of a chance to forget it all and am now relaunching. No sidebars, fancy rotating do-das or splashiness.  The purpose of the blog is to attempt a digital version of what the guy in the photo above is doing in real life, and in some way, return the crap that gets thrown.