The Investigatory Powers Bill gets real on 25 October

The British government is at war with its citizens, and using the Tory government’s new Snoopers’ Charter as its weapon. The Investigatory Powers Bill is soon to become fast-tracked for law (as of 25 October), without serious opposition or scrutiny. There is virtually no opposition to it. In spite of Liberty’s campaign work on the IPBill, its former director, embattled Labour Peer Shami Chakrabarti, has been utterly quiet on the topic, as has the vast majority of her party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The SNP and Liberal Democrats form what is essentially the opposition on this issue. You need to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to the…



Technical patches for bad policy

An interesting project, but I don’t think we’ll crowdfund our way out of this one.


Criminalising knowledge of how to apply maths in technology…

✓ researching encryption
✓ publishing encryption guides
✓ teaching use of encryption
✓ possessing encrypted OS on USB
✓ encrypting websites