Digital risk assessments and threat modelling for journos

This is where I’ll be tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th of May, at 1 pm GMT, with Tactical Tech‘s Daniel Ó Clunaigh.

Digital security for journalists has become much more of a mainstream topic in the last couple of years. But while it’s becoming more commonplace to acknowledge the potential threats, knowing how to start addressing them can be a daunting task. In this Digital Security Surgery for Freelancers I’ll talk with Daniel on how to identify and deal with digital threats. Here’s a blog I wrote about what’s on. You can post your questions there in the comments area, use the #RPThangout hashtag, or add them to the Hangout page itself.

This is the start of RPT’s Digital Security Surgeries, where the plan is to bring in different specialists to talk directly to freelance journalists about how they can actively take more control of their exposure to digital safety threats.